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Bioluminescent Bay News/ Noticias de la Bahía Bioluminiscente

Post by VCHT There was an interesting article from the July 17th issue of The Guardian.  It talks about the possible relationship between climate change and the bioluminescent bay. The author quotes Dr Michael Latz, a researcher with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and one of the scientists that has been working with the VCHT […]

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Vieques among the top islands in the Caribbean by Condé Nast Traveler readers

“Deserted, undeveloped beaches are the draw here” during the day, and at night, the bioluminescent bay is a “sight that is truly out-of-this-world.” “A real find,” say our readers; “Vieques is a place to get away from it all and just relax on the most beautiful beaches and be entertained and greeted by the friendly […]

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New water sports company JAK/ JAK una nueva compañía de deportes acuáticos

Received by Denise De Leon Greetings to all members of the Vieques community. I, Carlos Bermúdez, born and raised in my home of Vieques Island wish to inform you that my wife Denisse De León and I are the owners of the company JAK Water Sports and Rental. After having worked approximately 14 years as […]

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Your comments about the Biobay are needed/ Se necesitan tus comentarios sobre la bahia bioluminiscente

Recibido de Kathy Gannett Como resultado de la reunión en Vieques el 2 de julio, el DRNA esta solicitando tu opinión sobre la Bahía Bioluminescente.  Pide tus comentarios antes de lunes.  Tus comentarios serán enviados a Dr. Mc Houl quien esta haciendo el estudio de Límite de Cambio Aceptable.  Leer abajo.  La moratoria limitando a […]

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Para Coamo con Doña Juanita pro pacientes de cáncer- Visit Coamo with Doña Juanita pro Vieques cancer patients, July 27

Para Coamo con Dona Juanita. El domingo 27 de Julio, Dona Juanita los invita a q la acompanen a los Banos Termales de Coamo. Saldremos en la lancha a las 6:30 am y regresamos en la lancha de las 8:00 pm. El precio es $26.00. Esta actividad es para recaudar fondos para ayudar a los […]

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What’s going on? Biobay updates…MANTA….Behind the scenes at the VCHT this summer.

From Lirio Márquez D’Acunti Executive Director, VCHT Our summer intern, Helena McMonagle from Wellesley College, has been chronicling what is going on at the VCHT. Experience her first hand updates on the Biobay and the Manta summer program! Below is the URL that connects to the blog. This brings you to the Introduction blog post. […]

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“Festejo, disfraz y sustento”: Cultural Festival, Exhibition, and Film Screening in Vieques, July 12-Sep 21, 2014

By Robert Rabin The project called “Festejo, disfraz y sustento: el arte y la creatividad colectiva” [Celebration, Costume, and Sustenance: Art and Collective Creativity] aims to present visual, artistic and poetic experiences related to collective festival arts and, in particular, to Vieques’ Patron Saint Festivities [Fiestas Patronales de Vieques]. All the events will take place […]

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VQS Emporium presents exhibit by Jose E. Montano, July 8-19

By Margaret Keasberry VQS Emporium is proud to present Jose E Montano His 3rd exhibit in Vieques, with beautiful art inspired by Vieques, also featuring hand painted silks, wearable art. VQS Emporium presenta exhibición de las pinturas de José E. Montaño del 8 al 19 de julio.

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Invitación a culto/Worship invitation, July 25

La administracón de la Ferretería Nales les invita a un culto de agradecimiento a Dios. Abierto al público en general. Lugar: Estacionamiento Ferretería Nales Cuando: 25 de julio 2014, 7:30 pm   The general public is invited to a gratitude worship sponsored by Ferreteria Nales. Where: at Nales parking area When: July 25, 2014 7:30 […]

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The Elm City Girls’ Choir/ EL Coro de Niñas de Elm City, July 3 at Multi Use Center

Received from Kathy Gannett   The Elm City Girls’ Choir Free in concert Thursday, July 3rd at 7:30pm An hour long performance of a variety of musical selections, including classical works, folk songs, hymns, and spirituals  At the Episcopal Church of Todos Los Santos (Changed to Multi Use Center) (the yellow church at the ocean […]

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