Rainbow Realty on HGTV, Mar 30

Lin Wetherby and Gustavo Marin from Rainbow Realty will be featured on a new episode in the Caribbean Living show from HGTV. To be aired on March 30, 2014. “A family leaves the freezing cold of Vermont, for the tropical climate of Vieques, Puerto Rico.” http://www.hgtv.com/caribbean-life/a-family-leaves-the-freezing-cold-of-vermont-for-the-tropical-climate-of-vieques-puerto-rico/index.html?soc=sharingfb

Lin Wetherby y Gustavo Marin de Rainbow Realty saldrán en un nuevo episodio de Caribbean Living de HGTV. Irá al aire el 30 de marzo, 2014.

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