New water sports company JAK/ JAK una nueva compañía de deportes acuáticos

jakslogoReceived by Denise De Leon

Greetings to all members of the Vieques community. I, Carlos Bermúdez, born and raised in my home of Vieques Island wish to inform you that my wife Denisse De León and I are the owners of the company JAK Water Sports and Rental. After having worked approximately 14 years as the captain of the boat Luminosa II guiding people through the bioluminescent bay I decided, along with my wife, to create my own company.. We are not unfamiliar with the tourism industry, nor with water sports, much less with what the bioluminescent bay of Puerto Mosquito, meaning we are very knowledgeable of what we’re doing. We have sacrificed a lot to start our company and I am proud to be able to offer a purely Viequense business. JAK Water Sports and Rental has all the permits required by the Puerto Rican government to operate a water sport business on the Island of Vieques, including an insurance policy. We have quality gear, excellent service and above all enjoy our work, desiring nothing more than to ensure our visitors and anyone who partakes in any of our services, have a great experience. For those who have seen and are wondering about our canopy in Esperanza where we offer our kayak, paddleboard, snorkeling tour, boat charter and banana boat rides and rentals, we do have permission to be there. I’d also like to take this moment to share with you that beginning in August, we’ll be able to take visitors to the Bioluminescent Bay of Vieques as the Department of Natural Resources has given us the opportunity to add ourselves to the ranks of existing concessionaires offering this type of excursion. Should anyone have any questions or would like information about our company’s offerings or its permits, we urge you to call us directly or pass by our tent and we’ll happily clear up any doubts or questions. Capt Carlos Bermúdez 787 447 8697 Denisse 787 644 7112.

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