Serie de Conferencias del Fideicomiso/ Trust Conference Series continue, Feb 28, 2015

Conferencia sobre cómo están manejando los museos de historia natural la defensa ecológica y cultural.

28 de febrero 2015 a las 5 pm en el Fideicomiso.

“Attached is the flier about a talk I am giving next Saturday — Feb 28 –at
5:00 at the Trust.  I would love you to come.

Don’t be put off by the formal appearance of this flier, it won’t be formal
at all.  I just thought that the issues that museums are grappling with —
how to become more welcoming to community participation, how to deal with
objects that were created by indigenous peoples, and how to participate in
the education of and advocacy for sustainability and its effect on local
life — might be relevant for our joint conversation here in Vieques as we
struggle with the same issues.

Thanks Elaine Gurian”


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