Spring Time at Siddhia’s Gallery/ Primavera en la galería de Siddhia


April 29, 2015
It’s springtime at the gallery
And the whimsical ceramics of
Macario Covarrubias Murguía
make a perfect Mother’s Day gift.


The gallery has just received a collection of the highly imaginative pottery of one of Mexico’s most collected ceramic artists. Apprentice of the Mexican ceramic masters Jorge Wilmot Mason and Fernando Carmona. Murguía creates beautifully handcrafted ceramics with organic elements and shapes. He is known for his unique enamels, layered with highly textured colors. Murguía has served as Director of the National Ceramic Museum of Tonalá and as an enthusiastic promoter of Mexican culture.  

Gallery Hours:

Monday-Saturday, 10AM – 4PM

Phone: 787-741-1343 



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