Vieques shines at the Puerto Rican Day Parade/Vieques brilla en la Parada Puertorriqueña, June 14, 2015

11401272_982465485131452_2984178996496315628_nI bet you did not know that the Puerto Rican Day Parade started in 1958, one year after the Gag Law, or Ley de la Mordaza, was lifted in Puerto Rico. The law made it a felony to own a flag and the penalty was 10 years in jail. Below is what writer Nelson A. Denis, “War Against All Puerto Ricans”, has to say about the history of the flag in Puerto Rico.

“We are crazy about this flag because for many years, any Puerto Rican who owned one, would go to jail for ten years.

In order to suppress Pedro Albizu Campos and the Nationalist movement in Puerto Rico, a law was passed in Puerto Rico. It was called Public Law 53, and also known as the Gag Law, and La Ley de la Mordaza.  This law made it a felony to utter a word, sing a song, whistle a tune, or say anything against the US government, or in favor of Puerto Rican independence. This included singing La Borinqueña, or owning a Puerto Rican flag.

Own a flag, ten years in jail.

This was enforced very seriously. The FBI and Insular Police continuously raided people’s homes (without a warrant), searched for flags, and hauled people off to jail.”

This law lasted for almost 10 years. Read more here

Vieques was very well represented at the Parade in New York on June 14, 2015 by the Fantasia Caribena group from Barrio Santa Maria. These are some of Fantasia Caribena pictures taken by Connie Jean Savary. They made us all very proud.








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