Local elementary school to win $10k with your help in Kindness is Contagious web site-

Entra y vota! Si nos escojen ganaríamos 10k para la Escuela Playa Grande!

Sign up and vote! If selected Playa Grande School stands to win 10k!

Do it for the kids, do it for your community, do it for you!!!

From the Kindness web site https://causes.kindsnacks.com/cause/kindness-is-contagious/

How will you use the $10k?

The Kind money will fund phase I of this project, which is to provide the school in Vieques (EMS) with the tools they are lacking for their educational needs, including but not limited to, computers, playground, school supplies, books. Faculty at EMS will provide a priority wish list of items that we will purchase for them. We will then have the students choose other kind acts that they will help fund, paying it forward and showing how their kindness will affect others lives. I hope that the $10,000 will be just the start of this project and that once people see what these kids can do and the lives that are changed, we can develop a larger program around it. Please vote for the children of Vieques and feel free to ask me about phase II.

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