Season opening reception at Siddhias Gallery/ Apertura de temporada en la Galería de Siddhia, Nov 27, 2015

Season opening reception at Siddhians Gallery featuring new works by
Friday, November 27th, 6-8pm
garrettpaintGarrett Cook’s recent paintings of Vieques bridge the gap between classic academic art history and the separatist attitudes of Modernism. His images are often constructions; nostalgic, domestic, and based on memory, photographs, and perception. Cook taps into the fuzziness and unreality of memory, playing on his ability to “trick” the viewer into believing that they are witnessing a real thing or a real memory while maintaining a surface tension that is irrefutably false.
KellyThompsonKelly Thompson’s photographic work embodies her love of Vieques.  Each piece in this exhibition expresses a personal relationship with the subject.  We’re drawn into what Thompson is fascinated by and how she sees it at this moment.  “… like many before me, I fell in love with this island… with its natural rhythms, its stunning physical beauty and its people…I hope to bring them to you, be they the island’s beauty, culture, food, art or people.”

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