Vieques has a new Gentle Teaching Life Coach!


Gentle Teaching Life Coach, public speaker and writer Sylvia Fernández-Colorado has seen the word transformation defined numerous ways over. With over two decades of teaching and learning about people and helping them through different avenues, and most importantly real-life experiences, her view of life is radically different. Sylvia appreciates, and shares with listeners, learns with everyone that life is a moment-to-moment choice and all about gratitude. She believes that: “Everyone deserves to be happy and be their best version for themselves and for the rest of the world. We should all live our lives being thankful for every breath!”

Living in Vieques since December 2014, Sylvia is well known for her positiveness, her ability to bring out the best in people and any situation. She has dedicated her life to serving others always with a smile on her face and an ingrained feeling of unconditional love towards all that she learned from her mother. be it volunteering at a Childcare Center for the Summer when she was 9 years old or now as a Gentle Teaching Life Coach in Vieques. She has served as a psychotherapist for families, couples, individuals for more than 20 years with her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. Having also offered her services to other groups such as psychiatric inpatients, college students in the USA and young men at detention centers in Puerto Rico, have led her in a path of eternal gratitude for every moment life offers her to expand and grow. On the other hand, her Industrial-Organizational Psychology doctoral degree as well as her other several certifications in Human Sexuality, Addictions, Emotional Intelligence, Life and Organizational Coaching and Gentle Teaching have allowed her to grow as a person to be able to support others in their journey through this “so called life” as a Gentle Teaching Life Coach.


Every population she lived for at work has positively impacted her life in some way. She has learned throughout life that every event, as unfortunate as it may seem is there for a reason, and that reason is always an opportunity for growth that we should all embrace. This was very clear to her when a harassment situation developed at work after nine years as a university professor made her quit her job and her first book was born… “Finding Balance and Meaning Every Day: 365 Positive Thoughts” available on Amazon

and the Spanish version “Logre el balance de mi vida con Upekkha: Pensamientos positivos para el diario vivir” is algo available in Vieques in Isabel II town at “Isla Vida” store. 

Preparing and offering continued education courses around the island on topics such as: dealing with anger in a healthy way, enjoying life to overcome stress, dealing with stressful people, emotional intelligence, fears and phobias, assertiveness communications and many more led her to the need to start her second book. She began her second book, this time as writer and editor, “Gentle Teaching: A philosophy of life for a culture of peace” with chapters from people of around the world (6 countries) and how GT has helped them in their personal lives and at work.   


After two years as assistant and later the Court Monitor for the Federal Government (civil case 99-1435) and much disagreement on how adults with disability were being treated in Puerto Rico, she accepted the opportunity to be Gentle Teaching Life Coach to the College students at the Kinesis Foundation. Since these services of coaching can be offered in person or through the internet and phone she decided to give amazing Vieques an opportunity. 

A third book is on it’s way and this is a collaboration with her cousin Antonio Colorado, also a psychologist. The title of this third book is “I want love” and it will first come out in Spanish in February 2016 and in English in Summer 2016 it will be available through also.

Aligning her actions with her desires to make her dreams come true has proved to be a life changing experience as she sees her life unfold being surrounded by nature and loveley people in Vieques. She explains “Vieques es bello y su gente tambien”, Vieques is beautiful so are the people here.

She now collaborates with various of our non-profit organizations and groups in Vieques such as Finca Conciencia, Reach for Success, and any other group that she can give support to. She has offered three different presentations, two to adults and one to senior highschool students.

Sylvia started a 15 minute segment in Radio Vieques 90.1 FM “Celebrating Humanity” every Wednesday (7:15-7:30am) in 2016 where she will be offering one free Gentle Teaching Life Coaching segment to the 1st caller that morning every other Wednesday and then an informative segment the other two Wednesdays on issues that surface on the segment the Wednesday before while talking to the anonymous caller. The name “Celebrating Humanity” came about from the “1st Celebrating Humanity” Activity on Three Kings Day (January 6, 2016) where a team of volunteers led by Sylvia gave motivational and emotional support = Humanity reminder, to people at the Plaza in Vieques holding their hands, and listening to them for 5 minutes and giving them a hug with a copy of the positive book thought.

A photography and video exhibition of the 1st Celebrating Humanity Activity will be held at the Fortin in Vieques on March, for more information please stay in touch through Facebook! The 2nd Celebrating Humanity Activity will be held at the Vieques Plaza on the 14th of February from 10:00am-2:00pm and we are looking for more volunteers 🙂

Looking back Sylvia sees her life as a chain of blessings in disguise that have led her to a wonderfully colorful love for life!

If you are interested in contacting Sylvia for a Gentle Teaching Life Coaching meeting:


Facebook: Upekkhapr Sylvia Fernandez

(787) 404-7005

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