Mofongo rock band at Belly Button’s, funds for Reach For Success

Mofongofeb262016By Eileen Molloy Civitillo

Time is fleeting!
C’mon down to rock the Malecon with MOFONGO
at Belly Buttons, this Friday February 26, from 7-9:30!

This week’s event is to benefit “Reach for Success” a fabulous
and impactful non-for-profit organization founded 10 years ago by Carmen Portela and a small group of people who wanted to help the youth of Vieques develop their potential and continue their education.
This great group of volunteers have provided inspiration and scholarships to over 100 students who have gone to colleges or vocational schools in PR and the US. Students have pursued studies in professional fields such as architecture, engineering, teaching, criminal justice, medicine, theatre, communications, tourism, psychology, aviation, agriculture, mechanics and others. They are learning the skills they will need to fulfill their dreams in the future and make the world a better place for all.
So c’mon down!
And, oh yeah… Make sure you got your dancin’ shoes on!

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