The Dining Traveler: Visit Vieques and promote native business

bistroThe Dining Traveler’s article titled “What does the Puerto Rico Budget Crisis Means to You the Traveler?” is right on the money when it advises:

“Yes, this thousand-word essay is to tell you that as a traveler, that the Puerto Rico budget crisis  has nothing to do with your vacation. Head to the beach, have a Medalla beer (no container laws, yeay), enjoy your trip, and most importantly support LOCAL owned restaurants, tours, and hotels. In terms of Zika, here’s some great advice from the Center for Disease Control, CDC on how to stay safe. If you forget your OFF, don’t worry, there are plenty of Walgreens, Wal-Marts, and CVS on the island.”

By the way, as of today, May 10, 2016, there are no Zika cases reported in Vieques and only 600 plus in Puerto Rico’s main island (the US has almost as many reported cases although not locally acquired; Zika is also present in Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic and other countries in America, Africa, and the Pacific). No zika related microcephaly in Pueto Rico yet, but one old man’s death was related to zika.

And further on the Dining Traveler’s article, “The one common theme I did hear from many of the local business owners in the island is how they see people from the mainland come to Puerto Rico, especially to towns like Rincon and Vieques and curb the process of getting permits from the local government or refuse to hire locals and the government does nothing to enforce it. I was appalled when I was in Vieques and several restaurants I went to had no Spanish speaking wait staff. I bet these are the same people who get incensed when people in the mainland “don’t speak English”. There’s an unemployment crisis, however, people come from Long Island to Boston to escape the cold and they can find a job… there’s something wrong with that picture. When you visit Puerto Rico, make sure you go on tours owned by locals and endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Board as these businesses go through a lengthy vetting process to get their permits.”


You can see the whole article here

Featured in the Dining Traveler’s article is a picture of my friend Dio who is the owner of restaurant El Bucanero. Pa’ lante Dio! Buena suerte.

Featured on this article is Bieke’s Bistro, owned by my cousin Sonia Romero. Great food and pastry lovers paradise.

Also featured here is food from El Resuelve restaurante in Bo. Destino. Great local food.



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