Preferential treatment in the ferry for a rich people’s wedding causes a scandal

It has been a roller coaster week in Vieques. It all started last Friday when both cargo ferries broke down. A lot of people got stuck in Ceiba trying to get their vehicles to Vieques and Culebra, including supplies for supermarkets and gasoline. In the middle of this chaos, two trucks transporting supplies for a millionaire’s wedding in Vieques were loaded on a ferry that had not been cleared for commercial use and delivered to Vieques thru the Rompeolas ramp which is not approved yet either. Only the millionaire’s cargo was delivered. The wedding went on as scheduled but the director of the ferry system had to resign because of the scandal that ensued. It turns out that the order to move the trucks was issued from the PR governors office, by the director of activities who also lost her job. Now the Coast Guard is threatening with fines of up to $34,000. Meanwhile Vieques was left without food for the supermarkets. Everything in Vieques comes from the main island. A break down of the ferry system, which is happening to often recently, can leave the store shelves empty. Fortunately the problem was fixed mid week and by now all the supplies are in.

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