Municipalities in Puerto Rico affected by Airbnb are trying to regulate the short term rental

Rincon, San Juan and Culebra are the municipalities with more houses dedicated to Airbnb rentals. That’s about one quarter of the total housing available. Vieques is heading that way with currently near 14% of the housing dedicated to short term rentals. The effect is an ongoing displacement of the local population. While San Juan is trying to regulate the industry at the local level, the PR Tourism company is claiming that only they should have control. The reality in Vieques is that the PR Tourism Company does not invest any money collected from local room tax into Vieques (exactly the same behavior we see with the Department of Natural Resources). There are two projects at the PR legislature trying to free the short term rental business from the local municipality control. Lets hope these legislators see the harm that this gentrifying industry has for the local communities.



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