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“Aquí esto no está bien” Vieques y la gentrificación / “Something is wrong here” Vieques and gentrification

  Las imágenes en este artículo son de protestas contra la gentrificación en Barcelona y Berlín. Similares protestas se están dando en Nueva York, Londres y París, entre otras ciudades, pero ninguna en Puerto Rico o Vieques. 3 febrero 2019 Vieques, Puerto Rico Editorial Vieques Blog English below Varios artículos recientes en el periódico El […]

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Vieques, a un año del huracán María, todavía levantándose

  English below Para mí, un año desde el huracán María en Puerto Rico no es el 20 de septiembre, sino el 30 de septiembre, cuando yo pude regresar a mi casa porque me encontraba fuera de Puerto Rico. San Juan quedó totalmete incomunicado e inaccesible por tierra y aire. Diez días después fue lo […]

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Vieques, 85 days after Maria

This is an update about the local situation in Vieques 85 days after being hit by category 5 hurricane Maria on September 20th, 2017. ViequesBlog, Dec 14, 2017 Water service has been restored to 100%. Electrical service is being provided to Isabel II and neighboring communities via an emergency backup generator owned by the municipality […]

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Vieques and Culebra make 3 and 2 on the best Caribbean island list by Travel and Leisure readers 2017

Check it out, Vieques is number three and Culebra number two, with Anguilla coming in as number one Caribbean island as rated by the readers of the travel magazine Travel & Leisure. What is it that people value most according to T&L, “breathtaking landscapes where the din of civilization — and other people’s cell phone […]

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Lessons in island living: the case of renewing a boat tag, or The Sith Master Strikes Again

A step by step guide of what not to do when renewing your boat tag in Vieques. Español abajo Picture above, after the new tag was finally installed, thinking about 3 or 4 tequila shots. Vieques is indeed the perfect place to own a boat, particularly a sailboat. Nothing compares to the views and the […]

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Viequenses like New Yorkers are priced out of a childhood home/ Viequenses como los neoyorkinos desplazados de su propio mercado de hogares

Blogger opinion. Español abajo. I found this incredibly interesting article in the Real Estate section of the New York Times, published May 13, 2016, that resembles the situation that started in Vieques as soon as the Navy left and tourist started pouring in. The title “Priced Out of a Childhood Home” refers to New York natives who […]

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Of how Wall Street, the FBI, Washington and PR lawyers and politics stole Puerto Rico’s money/ De como Wall Street, el FBI, abogados y politicos de Washington y Puerto Rico se robaron el dinero del pueblo

The story depicted in the Caribbean News Now is a scheme and cover up that goes from Venezuela thru San Juan and blessed and promoted by New York and Washington. In it, everybody benefitted but the people of Puerto Rico that are now left to pay the bill. A short description of the scheme: Wall […]

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Vieques people unite to stop U.S. politicians from selling Vieques protected lands to pay off Puerto Rico’s debt/ Gente de Vieques unamonos para detener a los Políticos estadounidenses de vender las tierras protegidas de Vieques para pagar la deuda de Puerto Rico

Español abajo (Foto por Luis Jimenez) Politicians in US are proposing the Vieques Fish and Wildlife Reserve be transferred to the PR government to be sold to developers to payoff the debt. Fish and Wildlife/Dept of Interior rejects the idea and calls it dangerous. “Utah Congressman Wants To Sell America’s 4th Most Popular Wildlife Refuge […]

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Lessons in island living: the case of the elusive medication

Vieques, Puerto Rico is indeed an idyllic place to visit. The quality of the beaches, the eternal summer, the clear seas, the constant wind, makes it a paradise for beach lovers. But everything comes with a price.   Health care is lacking. I would say it is behind third world country level. For the last […]

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Vieques shines at the Puerto Rican Day Parade/Vieques brilla en la Parada Puertorriqueña, June 14, 2015

I bet you did not know that the Puerto Rican Day Parade started in 1958, one year after the Gag Law, or Ley de la Mordaza, was lifted in Puerto Rico. The law made it a felony to own a flag and the penalty was 10 years in jail. Below is what writer Nelson A. Denis, […]

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Políticos, excépticos sobre el paso de la limpieza en Vieques, deberían preocuparse más por la profundidad y métodos de la misma?

Opinión En un artículo de El Nuevo Día publicado el jueves 4 de junio 2015 en la sección Política, leemos sobre las preocupaciones del congresista demócrata José Serrano y el comisionado de Puerto Rico, Pierluisi, acerca de la lentitud del proceso de limpieza de la Marina en Vieques. Yo prefiero que la limpieza la hagan […]

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Botan a Carmen Yulin de taxi en NY y comienza una investigación, me botan a mí de un carro público en Vieques y la gente se ríe/ San Juan mayor is booted from a taxi in NY and an investigation ensues. I get booted from a publico in Vieques and people laugh

Puerto Rican mayor booted from NY City cap by the New York Post, May 28, 2015 Carmen Yulin, la alcaldesa de San Juan, es botada de un taxi en Nueva York porque el taxista no quería salir de Manhattan a el Bronx. Van a iniciar una investigación sobre este incidente. Me recuerda a uno que me […]

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El Municipio mintió en Primera Hora y le debe una disculpa a Black Beard Sports

Por Wanda Bermúdez, 13 de mayo de 2015 Si no tienes tiempo para leer el post que sigue, este es el resumen: El Municipio acusa en la prensa a Black Beard Sports de impedir el acceso de los viequenses al muelle de rompeolas, de apoderarse del terminal, de no tener permisos para operar en el rompeolas y […]

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Lessons on island living, The Case of the dog adoption

By Wanda Bermudez, May 8, 2015 So you came on vacation to Vieques and noticed an invasion of ‘loose’ animals everywhere. ‘Wild’ horses mingling among stray and not-so-stray dogs and cats plus the now ever present iguanas. By your third day you decided that the cute stray that’s living on your vacation porch deserves a […]

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Why Vieques people can’t and shouldn’t forget about the past in order to move forward?

Admin opinion: Why Vieques people can’t and shouldn’t forget about the past in order to move forward? You can forget about past events and move forward when those events were brought to a final conclusion. Then you can get the strength to start working towards a better future.   But in Vieques there has not […]

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Vieques and Culebra ARE NOT the Spanish Virgin Islands

Manager’s opinion Why does it bother me so much to hear Vieques and Culebra being referred to as the Spanish Virgin Islands? Sometimes even abbreviated SVI, as if common knowledge. I would like to know who came up with this affront and insult to our islands identity. I am sure it was nobody born nor […]

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Your comments about the Biobay are needed/ Se necesitan tus comentarios sobre la bahia bioluminiscente

Recibido de Kathy Gannett Como resultado de la reunión en Vieques el 2 de julio, el DRNA esta solicitando tu opinión sobre la Bahía Bioluminescente.  Pide tus comentarios antes de lunes.  Tus comentarios serán enviados a Dr. Mc Houl quien esta haciendo el estudio de Límite de Cambio Aceptable.  Leer abajo.  La moratoria limitando a […]

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Can you keep a secret?/ Blog spot from administrator

Can you keep a secret? By Wanda Bermúdez     Something horrible and wonderful happened to me yesterday but I don’t want my mother and my siblings and cousins to know. My mother because she worries for me too much. My siblings and cousins because they think I am crazy to choose to sail over […]

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My “Big Year” in Vieques/ Mi Gran Año en Vieques

“The Big Year” a 2011 film with actors Steve Martin and Jack Black, about a competition to see who spots the highest number of bird species within a year, has inspired me to do the same with Vieques marine life.

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Vieques Carnival 2013/ Carnaval Vieques 2013

Video por Josue Alberto Cruz Morales Artículo y fotos por Wanda Bermúdez English summary below Yo nunca me levanto más tarde de las 8 am pero estos últimos tres días de julio me han visto salir de la cama a las 11 am. Eso porque la música en la Plaza Pública de Vieques durante todas las […]

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